Manzoor Khan
Hi people I'm Manzoor Khan I'm an ordinary guy from Mumbai, a place where people come with a dream or want to be a part of this city, the city that had accepted everyone with open arms, who ever came here. Don't worry I'm not going to write an essay on my hometown, like we did during our school days or probably when we went for first interview in some call center when we just started earning or becoming independent. We all accept the fact that we have learnt a lot during our school and college life, so is why some of us a engineers, doctors, accountant, managers etc. But isn't it true that we all have one teacher in common regardless of our origin and qualification, the best teacher we all have, who is unbiased and teaches us everything that we would ever need. It is our 'Experience'. I've learned a lot of things from my experience and there would be a lot of things that you would have learnt from your experiences. But have you ever imagined what would it be like if people would have learnt something from your experience, they won't have to go through the bad phase that you would have ever been through, they should know how well you had tackled the situation then and what could have been a possible solution to it.

Just a few days back I came across a book  Titled "Everyone has a story" by Savi Sharma, which inspire me to write this blog. On this blog I'm seriously not getting into  someone's personal life, these are just few short stories of people I've ever come across in my life, stories that have inspired me, taught me lessons, shown me a ray of hope when I was sad, disappointed or lost. I'm a just a traveller of this this amazing journey called life, these stories are about my experiences, my copassenger's experiences that they have shared with me in there own words. If you want you may contact me and share your stories with me so I get a chance to meet more people in this journey...